I Become You


Insidius: Shadows of Humanity (death metal album)
Insidius I Become You

I Become You

I become you
When you close your eyes
And try to sleep
Often in the night
You hear noises
Faint sounds, a thud, a silent crack
Whatever it may appear
To your eye or ear
In its profound presence
You enter your room
Feeling anxiety
While looking at the mirror
When passing it
With quickened step
You return to bed
You’re afraid to look
In the window
You’re afraid someone can stay behind the door
You cover with thick warm blanket
And try to sleep again
Another time
Your imagination played trick on you
You feel someone’s presence
Inexplicable and ghastly
You tell yourself – it’s just imagination

Yet I’m watching you
Stand right beside
You won’t notice me
You won’t touch me
You can only feel me
Feel the fright
When you try to sleep

I can’t exist without you
Your fear breeds my life

by Mateusz Turowski

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