A Rose on a Grave


Insidius: Shadows of Humanity (death metal album)
Insidius A Rose on a Grave

A Rose on a Grave

From the midst of memories
Where every moment unfurls
Of that what could have been
This place where life has begun

And where now all hope has ended
Only to become a rose on a grave
When every moment lived
A consequence of choices made

A life wasted, all time has now passed
No more looking back
Surrender the transendence
Tried intensely to be brave

Now nothing more remains
Than a rose on a grave
Missery and joy, always hand in hand
What is left, just a grain of sand

The impact that was made
From a life in the shade
No more remembrance of existence
Fading away into the blurry distance

A consciousness buried in obliveon
Only to become the rose on a grave
Were lives ever touched?
Was every breath taken

Even worth the air that was spilled?
Will someone ever even remember
The skin that shed from my soul
This is what is came down to

There’s nothing left to say
All almost forgotten is transfered
To this rose on a grave…

Harry Maat

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